GameSpy Arcade v1.3d released

GameSpy Arcade v1.3d has officially been released! Users can now download it from the website or through Arcade's auto-patching feature -- simply load up Arcade and it'll update itself.

A few of the changes include:

  • Busy Server Redial -- allows users to "redial" full game servers until a slot opens up.

  • Founders' Club Recognition: Founders' Club Subscribers now receive special icons in their Arcade player profiles.

  • New login screen now allows subscribers to set custom "home" lobby; shows user stats.

  • Improved "Scan For Games" functionality; most installed games should now be detected without need for manual hard drive scan; dramatically speeds up the installation process.
In addition, more games have been added to Arcade. Including Elite Force 2, Battlefield 1942 v1.4, and 4 mods for BF:1942.

Download: Download

News source: GameSpyDaily

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