GeForce 7900 Reportedly Coming in March

Hardware site appears to have received confirmation that NVIDIA's next graphics processor, codenamed G71 and its first using the 90nm process, will be launched this March at CeBIT 2006 as the GeForce 7900.

The flagship 7900 GTX will sport 32 pixel pipelines and have a clock speed between 700 and 750MHz. To give perspective, NVIDIA's current flagship part, the ultra-high-end (and ultra-rare) GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB comes clocked at a comparitively measly 550MHz with 24 pixel pipelines. Cards will be outfitted with 1.1ns GDDR3 memory clocked anywhere from 800 to 900MHz, much like the aforementioned 7800 GTX 512MB.

Information obtained from one card vendor boasted a single 700MHz GeForce 7900 reaching a score of 13,000 in 3DMark 2005 coupled with an AMD Athlon FX-60, which is more than 70% the record achieved by dual 7800 GTX 512MB configuration in SLI.

Plans this time around are for GT and GTX models to be launched simultaneously, as opposed to the staggered approach which saw the 7800 GTX debut roughly two months ahead of the GT last summer.  Keeping with the trend set by the company last year, availability is expected to coincide with the official unveiling.

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