Google+ finally dies, makes way for Google Currents for G Suite users

Google’s social networking service, Google+ was shut down back in April 2019 after a series of data leaks and due to the low engagement numbers. However, the service was kept alive for some G Suite customers as a means for organizations to communicate within themselves. The service was slated to be rebranded to Google Currents, which entered the beta phase right after the death of the social network for consumers.

Today, Currents finally exits beta and officially replaces the Google+ app on Android and iOS (via 9to5Google). The search giant sent out a communication to G Suite admins last month about the rebranding and the new service’s general availability. As for the app itself, it replaces the Google+ logo with the waveform like Currents logo and brings to about Google’s material design. The new app retains a lot of Google+’s functionality such as that of ‘tags’ and ‘streams.’

However, Currents also brings the ability to share content from Google Drive, and a few other additions to prioritize posts from the company’s leadership. The home page is occupied by a stream of posts, like the Google+ experience. Other improvements to the service include better “content moderation and administrative privileges”. Additionally, the existing URLs will continue to work in the backend and will redirect to

The Currents app should not be confused with the magazine service that the Mountain View giant launched back in 2011. That service was rebranded to Google Play Newsstand.

G Suite users that are using Google+ should see the updated branding and features sooner than later. However, if your organization uses the service, you can also head to the Play Store or App Store to download the app.

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