Google launches book search for China

Google has been working on the Chinese book search service since the middle of last year. On March 2, Google launched the latest addition to a trial Web site for testing a book search service in China that allows users to search and read the full text of books. A posting on Google's Chinese blog said the company has so far scanned 1 million books from around the world into its index, but relatively few Chinese books are available: "[i]In China, this mission has just started, we still have a long way to go[/i." The book-search service also provides links to online book sellers that sell the book – users are of course encouraged to use Google's revamped and recently re-launched Chinese map service to then find the address and location of nearby bookstores. In the future, the search engine may also be able to tell users if a bookstore has a particular book in stock.

News source: InfoWorld

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