Google releases gesture search for Android

Google has just released a new experimental type of searching for Android 2.0 or above devices.  The Gesture Search will do just as the application suggests, search through applications, bookmarks, contacts and even music tracks on your device with recognized characters.

If you are looking for “Neowin”, open Gesture Search, and begin spelling the name.  After each character is written in, the search will narrow down the results automatically for you.  Gesture Search can also recognize messy handing writing, such as when you draw an “A” that looks a bit like an “H”, results for both letters will appear in your results.

Gesture Search works great for those moments when voice search may be inappropriate, such as a meeting or during a movie when you don’t want to disturb anyone in your surroundings.

In addition to this application, Gesture Search learns from your previous searches, bringing your most used or last used searches to the top, so you don’t need to spell out the entire name again.

Gesture Search is available for free in the Android Market… just search for it!

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