Google takes shot at Windows and macOS in new ad

Remember Scroogled? It was Microsoft's offensive ad campaign about Google. For example, one advertisement showed targeted advertising revealing personal information about a user, with the end saying "Don't get Scroogled".

Don't call it Microshafted, but it seems like it's Google's time to go on an offensive of its own. Today, the firm introduced a new ad for Chromebooks, taking shots at Windows and macOS.

You might notice that while the commercial goes progressively through various versions of Windows, Windows 10 isn't shown. It only goes up to Windows 8. Many of the issues shown in the video have actually been addressed, and the 'Blue Screen of Death' doesn't even look the same as it was portrayed in the ad.

Some of them still apply, such as the issue of constantly being reminded of software updates, when users don't want to be bothered with them. Windows Defender protects your PC today though, so many of the error messages don't apply anymore.

One would think that Google would have wanted to target Windows 10 though, as it's the most current version of Windows. The ad is called, "If you want a laptop you can count on. You Chromebook." With that in mind, you'd expect Google to take shots at the OS that it's actually competing against, rather than the OS that customers are likely upgrading from.

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