Google's latest Chrome OS build looks ridiculously familiar

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we know the tech world is filled implementation from rival platforms but Google appears to be throwing in the towel on original ideas, via

First, to all the Google lovers that will be defending the platform in the comments, we know that Microsoft, Apple, and Google have all copied ideas from each other, such as Apple’s ‘Notification Center’ on iOS being a closely modified rip from Android. But this, this is not even trying.

Take a look at the screenshot above, does it look familiar? If we cropped out the shelf (task bar) we bet that you would guess that it is OS X and not Google Chrome. If you take a look at the shelf, look familiar? You should say yes if you have ever used Windows 7.

While we wait for the trolling in the comments below, we are well aware that Microsoft and Apple have copied Google and this could be retaliation but for Chrome OS to succeed, it needs to be different. Simply taking the best from both, combining them, and calling it a new OS, is not the right strategy for improving the computing platform. We are looking for Google to innovate, not copy and paste

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