GTA:SA Sex Scenes Not Such a Big Issue After All

Lawyers who sued Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive are shocked at the lack of people that bought the game and have been offended by the hidden sex scenes, known widely as Hot Coffee.

Any buyer upset by the scenes could have filed a claim under the settlement and shared in a class action ruling. As it turns out, from the millions of copies of the game sold since release in 2004, only 2,676 people claimed for a refund of between $5 and $35, or a sanitized copy of the game.

The company and the plaintiffs both point out that the company has agreed to make a charitable donation of $860,000 as fallout of this.

The $1.3 million in lawyer's fees requested by the 10 law firms that brought the case, in a rare turn of events, far outweighs the sum of monies collected by claimants in the suit.

View: NY Times

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