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Hackers slip into Digital Playground, steal credit card info

It seems that hackers are having a hard time (ahem) staying away from pornography sites. Last week we reported that YouPorn was hacked and that over a million usernames and passwords were released to the public. Now we have learned from SC Magazine that Digital Playground was attacked, losing over 40,000 unencrypted credit card numbers, including the secret “CCV” code.

While details are still scarce, the group calls themselves The Consortium and they appear to be part of Anonymous and LulzSec. The group claims that the porn site was simply “too enticing to resist,” due to their lack of any semblance of security measures.

However The Consortium did cut the company some slack by not deleting the contents of the site. In addition, they promise not to release any of the ill-gained information, although if you’re a member you might want to contact your credit card company anyway, just in case.

At this point we would normally start rm'ing but we don't have the heart to rm a porn site.... this time. These credit cards are all plaintext but we will not be releasing or using as we do this for the love of the game not for profit and these peoples only crime was wanting some porn.

It is a little surprising that one of the largest pornography sites on the Internet would leave their credit card information in plaintext, and we hope that other companies take notice of this and work to increase their own corporate security.

Image from zone-h.org which provides a mirror of the hacked site

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