Here's what got fixed in Windows 10 build 10586.494

Today is Patch Tuesday, and you know what that means. It's time for a cumulative update for Windows 10. Earlier today, Microsoft released build 10586.494 for both PC and Mobile; however, there was no changelog at the time.

The company has now updated its Windows 10 Update History page. There is a bit of a twist this time though. The release notes combine the PC and Mobile builds into one changelog. This would explain why Microsoft recently killed off its never-used Windows 10 Mobile Update History page.

Here's what got fixed in Windows 10 build 10586.494:

  • Improved reliability of Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 11, Windows Explorer, Miracast, and Windows kernel.

  • Fixed issue with some people seeing a black screen instead of the lock screen when resuming from connected standby.

  • Fixed issue with DirectAccess where the Disconnect button appears in some cases when the connection isn't fully established.

  • Fixed issue where local user accounts weren't locked after a number of failed sign in attempts.

  • Improved support for video playback in certain apps that didn't render video correctly after resuming from sleep.

  • Fixed issue with Windows Phone losing user authentication certificates after upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile in some cases.

  • Improved support of the backup settings of apps on Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Fixed issue where Microsoft Silverlight based apps wouldn't install on Windows 10 Mobile after joining Azure Active Directory.

  • Fixed additional issues in .NET, Windows Kernel, Windows Update, authentication, revised daylight saving time, support for PDF files, Bluetooth, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, networking, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Security updates for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Kernel Mode Drivers, Windows Kernel, .NET Framework, Windows Secure Kernel Mode, and Microsoft Print Spooler.

You can also check out the KB3172985 page for more information.

Microsoft released another update as well today, build 10240.17024. Of course, this won't apply to most users, as the majority of Windows 10 updated to 10586 back in November. There are, however, businesses that are still on 10240.

Here's what got fixed in KB3163912:

  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, Windows Explorer, and Windows Update.

  • Fixed issue in the NT File system (NTFS) that caused some systems to hang while restarting.

  • Improved support for USB 3.0 to mount Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) CD-ROM devices.

  • Fixed issue that caused some drivers to fail during installation.

  • Fixed issue that caused some apps to become unresponsive when used with an Input Method Editor.

  • Fixed additional issues in Microsoft Graphics component, Internet Explorer 11, Scheduled Tasks, and .NET Framework.

  • Security updates for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Print Spooler, Windows Kernel, Secure Kernel, Kernel Mode Drivers, .NET Framework, JScript, and VBScript.

There's a page for this update as well; however, the release notes point to the same KB article as the former update. Presumably, you would find it here, although it's currently showing an error.

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