Hitler parody videos being removed from YouTube


One of the famous meme’s around the Internet is the parody videos of Hitler in a bunker, during the last moments in WWII, featured in the film “Downfall” (Der Untergang).  The comedy behind the videos was people adding their own subtitles to the video, giving it a funny twist on why Hitler was so angry.

Users have created some famous parody videos like, Hitler banned from Xbox LIVE, banned from the Internet, rants about the iPad and many more.  However, these videos are currently being removed by YouTube, after Constantin Film AG has filed complaints that these clips infringe on their copyright over the film.

YouTube has started replacing these videos with this copyright message “This video contains content from Constantin Film, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”  Some videos are still accessible at this time, but according to techcrunch, many more of these videos will soon begin to disappear off of YouTube.  As of now, YouTube has blocked these videos from being uploaded.

Thanks to Mephistopheles' for the tip!

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