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Microsoft tried to lure LittleBigPlanet away from Sony after first announcement


Media Molecule, the studio behind the LittleBigPlanet, once considered selling the franchise to Microsoft. An interview with co-founder Mark Healey revealed Microsoft's interest in LittleBigPlanet. Following the game's demo at GDC 2007, it was revealed that the developers were on the hunt.

Healey said that Sony was impressed with an early presentation, but supported a short development period. He explained that it was able to get six months of financial support. However, there was no formal contract stating that Media Molecule had to continue working with Sony.

Microsoft saw an opportunity after the GDC 2007 presentation. An Xbox representative approached Media Molecule, hoping to convince them to leave Sony. While exact contract details were not discussed, the representative hinted that Microsoft would offer a huge financial support if the studio partnered with Xbox.

Mark Healey said in the interview;

“And actually, I do remember after we showed (the Little Big Planet showcase) at GDC... someone from Microsoft was on the prowl. And they were kind of trying to steal us, if you like, from going with Sony. And technically, we could have done (it.) We could have been like, ‘Yeah f**k it, let’s go with Microsoft. They are probably going to give us a load of money.’”

In contrast, Healey said that leaving Sony after the company's initial support felt "morally wrong" to the developers. Media Molecule valued its relationship with Sony and wanted to continue working with the company.

Healey said he wanted to work with the company that took an early risk on his vision. Sony has not yet officially acquired the rights to the games for the PlayStation. But Healey believes a legal agreement is in place behind the scenes.

In case you missed it, Sony announced in April that the LittleBigPlanet 3 servers would remain offline. Players will be able to access content stored locally on their devices. They will also be able to create content when disconnected from servers.

Source: MinnMax via Kotaku

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