HoloLens partners with Autodesk's Fusion 360

Product designers and engineers may soon find their work a little more visually appealing thanks to Microsoft's partnership with Autodesk. Described as "the ultimate cloud-based 3D design collaboration tool", Fusion 360's integration with HoloLens will allow its users to better visualize 3D projects using mixed reality.

HoloLens Studio Manager Ben Sugden said the new partnership will bring a solution never before seen in the design market:

"Unlike any other technology, HoloLens uses mixed reality to bring holographic, 3D content into the real world, allowing designers to view 3D content in high-definition, at true size and scale relative to other real world objects–with the ability to move freely around it."

Visualization was the focus of the announcement with Autodesk's Garin Gardiner pointing to the demo video, seen above. Furthermore, he stated that:

"One of the hardest things about this experience is trying to explain it in words or even pictures. But we have assembled a video that illustrates how a mechanical engineer and an industrial designer can work together in holographic space to solve various tasks in a far more collaborative way than they could without it."

Microsoft's partnership with Autodesk began last year before the public announcement of HoloLens in January, and continues today.

Gardiner finished by teasing "the future of holographic computing is likely closer than we all realize", and saying the project hopes to bring its work to designers and engineers in the "near future". Applications for the HoloLens Development Edition, scheduled for release in Q1 2016, are now open.

Source: Microsoft and Autodesk

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