Hori announces two new controllers for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released a few months ago and has been supported by a steady stream of titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and smaller titles from independent studios. There have also been many Neo Geo classics that have found their way onto the eShop, which might probably be best played using something with a traditional D-pad. While there were a couple different options available like the Pro Controller and 8bitdo's recently updated variants, it appears that legendary accessory maker Hori has thrown its hat into the ring with two new offerings.

The Hori Pad is a controller that has similar styling to the earlier mentioned Pro Controller. But, it has a few major differences compared to Nintendo's peripheral. First, the controller is wired. Yes, it plugs into the Switch's dock using USB. Second, the controller includes a swappable directional pad that will allow players to switch between a traditional D-pad and the unique button layout from the Joy-Con. Lastly, you can enable a rapid fire (turbo) sequence for any of the buttons.

Those that are into arcade or fighting titles will probably want to opt for Hori's arcade stick. The Real Arcade Pro isn't a completely new product, as the firm has released a version for PlayStation 4 and PC. The stick offers an arcade style stick and button layout and, like the Hori Pad, has a turbo feature for the buttons. If there is one drawback to the controllers developed by Hori, it's that they don't offer support for the advanced features like IR, gyroscope, and rumble, to name a few.

The Hori Pad will retail for ¥2,980 or roughly $27 USD, while the Real Arcade Pro will be available for ¥14,980 or $134 USD. Both will arrive in Japan sometime in July.

Source: Hori Japan 1, 2

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