HP's new Curved Ultrawide Monitor lets you connect two devices and transfer files

HP held a press event this week, where it announced the S430c 43.4-inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor. And while it's wildly big and wide at a 32:10 aspect ratio (it's essentially two 16:10 24-inch monitors side-by-side), there's more to it than meets the eye.

With this monitor, you can easily plug in two devices, as long as those devices are running Windows 10, macOS, or Android. Obviously, if you plug in a single device, it will take up the whole screen. Plugging in a second device will immediately put it in split-screen mode (you can easily switch back, if you want), and what's interesting is that you can easily make those two devices work together.

It uses HP's DeviceBridge technology. You'll need a companion app on the connected devices, and it makes use of a processor in the monitor. But once it's all set up, your cursor can move between the two screens, you can drag-and-drop content, and you can even copy and paste.

Of course, a natural use case for this monitor would be to easily transfer files from your PC to your Android phone and vice versa. But you also might want to hook up two PCs. You might be doing some work on your MacBook and want to render your work on a Windows 10 PC with some solid GPU power. Moreover, that Windows 10 PC might have several monitors hooked up to it as well. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Since it connects via USB Type-C, the monitor will also power your devices up to 100W, meaning that it can charge most laptops. The 350-nit screen is 3840x1200, so it's really two 16:10 1920x1200 monitors side-by-side. You'll be able to pick one up on November 4 for $999.

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