Information about mobile Skylake processors officially revealed, significant upgrades in store

Leaks we reported on earlier had indicated part names for the Skylake-H processor range, Intel has now officially revealed what upgrades are in store for its mobile Skylake CPUs.

In terms of performance it should come as no surprise that the Skylake-based CPU is able to process more instructions concurrently than the previous processors Haswell and Broadwell. Intel has included "eDRAM+" as part of the CPU which now allows the processor to cache instructions for both the GPU and CPU.

Intel has been pushing its integrated graphics solution for a number of iterations with each seeing a substantial improvement and Skylake is no exception in this regard. The short-lived mobile Broadwell chips are able to display one 4K-monitor at 60Hz while mobile Skylake processors are able to run three 4k-monitors at 60Hz.

Each subsequent generation of Intel Core processors has sought out to bring a more efficient CPU in hopes to increase overall battery life and Skylake is no exception. By introducing a power-saving feature called "Speed Shift", it allows the processor to dynamically change the amount of power used depending on the task. Further, this feature will allow for higher performance levels when the laptop is in low power mode.

It is important to mention that this is just information revealed and does not signify the launch of the mobile Skylake CPUs just yet. Intel officials have stated that the launch will not come for another "couple of weeks".

Source: PCWorld

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