Interview: Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen

PC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Michael J. Miller recently had the opportunity to talk with Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen about open-source software, the Macintosh and the software scene. Here is that complete interview:

Michael Miller: What do you think about the progress open source and Linux are making?

Bruce Chizen: The server side clearly has momentum. I don't think the actual usage in mission critical projects, especially large mission critical projects, is as great as we all believe. It's happening but... speaking to one large enterprise software supplier that's a partner of ours, most of their implementations are still NT, and they really are on the mission critical side of the business.

The real question becomes on Linux desktop, and I think it can happen. I haven't seen it yet other than [in] developing countries or governments of developing countries. In lot of these countries, it's just a very inexpensive way of getting a box without Windows, and then they pirate Windows after the fact. So you kind of have to look at that in the process. So the question is, "real usage of Linux desktop, when does it happen?" The compelling reason is it's cheaper, or at least has the perception that it's cheaper. If Microsoft doesn't do anything, then I think Linux desktop has an opportunity to take off. If Microsoft does take action, especially on things like pricing, and business models, it might stall the adoption of Linux in corporate.

News source: PC Magazine

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