iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and GS3 shoot it out in latest Windows Phone advert

A few days ago, Verizon Wireless launched their TV commercial campaign for the new Nokia Lumia 928, centering around the impressive low light camera on the Windows Phone device. Today, Microsoft released its own Windows Phone TV ad that has a similar theme, this time with the older Nokia Lumia 920 from AT&T.

The ad, as posted on YouTube, shows the Lumia 920 being set up on a camera stand in the middle of two other phones: Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S III. The three smartphones are taking images of the same scene, which involves a women's roller derby team posing outside at night. The shot makes it look like the roller derby girls are chasing after a man who is wearing a big pig mask...

Anyway, the commercial ends by comparing the shots from the three smartphones and, as expected, both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III's images are way too dark to be acceptable, while the image taken with the Nokia Lumia 920 is full of light and looks just about perfect. 

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

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