It's official - Tribes: Ascend is a hit

In case you havent noticed, were pretty big fans of the Tribes series around here, and weve been giving a lot of coverage to the revival title Tribes: Ascend. Well, were pretty excited to announce that the new game is definitely a hit, according to a new press release from developer Hi-Rez Studios: the game has been downloaded over 1 million times within one month of release.

Todd Harris, Hi-Rezs COO (who we recently got a chance to interview), says that the Atlanta based company is “thrilled that over 1 million gamers have discovered the fast-paced and skill-based gameplay of Tribes. It is truly the player support of the title that has driven the population growth and fuels our team to deliver updates.”

Whats more, over 110,000 of the new players have joined via the games recently introduced friend referral system. Despite a relatively tame amount of advertising, a combination of good press and positive word of mouth is helping the game to grow into a success. So much for the series (and PC gaming!) being dead.

“Since release weve already recognized seven players who have each individually referred over 500 new people to Tribes Ascend,” Harris says. Hows that for positive word of mouth?

And even though the game has already received 3 free DLC updates since it was released, the press release makes it clear that Hi-Rez is far from done with the title. “The games success allows us to give back to the community through free DLC updates, tournament events and expansion into new markets in coming months,” Harris concluded. We cant wait to see what theyve got up their sleeves next.

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