Microsoft and Fox team up to build HTML5 Prometheus website


If you haven’t noticed, Microsoft really loves HTML5 and the IE team has put together several projects based around the platform. The company has created everything from interactive games, taking music videos to the next level and more, but why stop there?

The Internet Explorer team has linked up with Fox Studios to create the Project Prometheus Training Center and of course, it is built with HTML5. The site is heavily reliant upon jQuery for the UI and controls but the team also created their own special sauce to help out with 3D models, lighting, camera rotation and a few other items. The team will be posting the code library up on its GitHub channel in the next few weeks.

Seeing as the site was designed by the Internet Explorer team, you can bet that using IE9 will yield the best results when you head on over to the site here. Fox Studio’s had this to say about teaming up with the IE team:

By partnering with the Internet Explorer team, we were able to create an online experience that makes visitors part of the Prometheus experience. The HTML5 and hardware accelerated capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 gave us the power we needed to provide amazingly realistic mental and physical challenges that bring the Training Center to life,” said Ira Rubenstein, EVP Digital at Twentieth Century Fox.

Microsoft is pushing HTML5 for a number of reasons, one being that its Metro IE browser will not support flash and requires HTML5 coding for the best experience. We doubt that this will be the last of Microsoft’s IE adventures but we must wonder, what will they tackle next? 

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