iTunes 8, iPhone 2.1, 4th gen Nano expected Tuesday

The Apple world is buzzing about what is coming down the pipe this Tuesday. Expected to be launched or announced in a couple days at their Let's Rock event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on September 9 at 10:00 a.m. are:

  • iTunes 8
    Kevin Rose has been Twittering and blogging this week about new visualization features being added, but in addition, Apple is expected to add a "Genius" feature which automatically builds playlists from songs in your library that have similar features, like a Pandora for music you already own. Of course, Genius also includes recommends music you don't already have and lets you purchase it from the iTunes store, via a handy sidebar. Also expected to be added are HD movie downloads, and a new Grid view that is speculated to be similar to the view used by the Zune desktop software.
  • iPhone 2.1
    Doesn't it seem like only a couple of months ago we were excited about 2.0? Well, Apple is already set to release a significant upgrade. The most talked about feature expected to be included is a Push API, which will allow developers of third party applications to deliver updates to the iPhone without the user actually being in the application. This is expected to be a huge boost to IM software on the platform, as well as numerous other applications. Apple is also including additional features that were not even released to developers, which as of yet no one seems to know what that will be. One can always hope for copy & paste.
  • 4th Generation iPod Nano
    Are you a big fan of the fatty Nano? Well, you better hurry up and get yours quick because it's expected to be replaced with a taller, more slimmed down version (think Zune 4/8) that you'll turn on horizontal to view video content on. Engadget has a "spy" photo.
Of course, with Apple, all of this is speculation and in the end it could just be a giant ploy to have a party to take attention away from the upcoming "its not a laser" mouse product from Microsoft.

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