jv16 PowerTools 2007 Beta 2

JV16 PowerTools is amazing set of tools to help you fix, repair, optimize and tune up your computer easier than ever! Does your computer seem to get slower day by day? Are you experiencing any computer problems such as crashes? jv16 PowerTools 2006 is the solution, try it now for free!

Main Tools:

* Software Manager
* Startup Manager
* Registry Manager
* Registry Cleaner
* Registry Finder
* Registry Find and Replace
* Registry Monitor
* Registry Compactor and more...

Changes since Beta 1

* About 40 bugs fixed
* Disk Defragmenter should now work better although it is not yet perfect (as in it can't always defrag a disk drive perfectly, it shouldn't delete any data or anything of that sort). One could say that the Disk Defragmenter of Beta1 was 60% working, the Disk Defragmenter of Beta2 should be 80% working. Also many stability issues of the Disk Defragmenter are now fixed in Beta2.
* Most important file and registry removal features now report to the user for errors, such as if a registry entry cannot be removed with the Registry Cleaner. The implementation of these changes was rapid and therefore some errors in removing items can occur, please report if you notice any.
* The MRU/History Cleaner is almost fully re-coded giving it much more power to detect MRU and history data of applications. It contains both a built-in support for some 300 most common applications, and a heuristic analyzer which is able to detect MRU/history data of many other applications as well. The tool now detects MRU/history data from both the registry and file system. Since this feature has been dramatically changed, please be extra careful with it.

Download: jv16 PowerTools 2007 Beta 2
View: Beta Announcement
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