Kinect to be used in physical therapy for injured veterans

There's been a wide variety of applications for Microsoft's Kinect hardware and software, and now it appears a new application will help veterans recovering from physical injuries.

According to a new article by Defense News, Microsoft is working with the Air Force to provide guidelines for a new system that will see Kinect used with "off-the-shelf software" that injured veterans will be able to use at home. The package will allow veterans to do physical therapy regimens in the comfort of their own homes instead of having to visit hospitals and rehab facilities.

InfoStrat's ReMotion360 physical therapy software will be used for the project. A listing on Microsoft's Kinect for Windows partners page says the software uses Kinect for Windows to "measure and provide on-screen feedback for range of motion exercises either in a clinic or at home." A demonstration of the software can be seen in the video below.

Currently, Kinect and the ReMotion360 software are already used by physical therapy clinics across the country. Phil West, Microsoft's director of public sector solutions, said the versions of Kinect for Windows veterans use is the same version available to consumers, although that could eventually change.

"I could see the commercial market wanting to gather and track different ranges of movement for a wider range of age groups, whereas the military may elect to specialize a regimen based upon a soldier’s targeted service arena," West told Defense News.

West also said Microsoft is working with the Defense Department on other Kinect-powered uses, such as training and simulation software.

Source: Defense News | Image via Microsoft

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