Latest leak seemingly confirms Galaxy Note7 will feature iris scanner

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note7 has been leaked many, many times. If you knew how many times it’s been leaked, it would make your head spin. You might even say we’ve already seen the best leaks, but here’s one extra that seemingly confirms one of the phablet’s big new features: an iris scanner.

According to legitimate-looking screenshots taken on the Galaxy Note7 and received by our friends at Android Authority, the Note7 will indeed feature an iris scanner, as was long rumored. This will allow users to unlock their device or sign into applications securely just by looking at the phone. The function is very similar to the one found on Microsoft’s Lumia 950 models, though according to the leaked instructions, it comes with many caveats.

For one thing, users will only be able to register and use one iris. On top of that there are many instances when the device may fail to recognize you properly, including if you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses, are in front of a strong light source, are moving the phone, there’s too little light around you, there’s too much light around you, light itself no longer respects the laws of physics and so on. We may have added that last one ourselves, but as you can see in these screenshots, there may be quite a few instances when using a fingerprint or a PIN may work better.

The Galaxy Note7 is expected to be unveiled on August 2nd, with the device featuring cutting edge internals, a revamped UX, new note-taking features and perhaps, even some features that might have not been leaked yet, though that’s hard to believe at this point. In either case we’ll keep our eyes and ears open until the official Samsung announcement.

Source: Android Authority

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