Latest OneNote update solves those algebraic equations for you

Microsoft recently pushed out a new update to its OneNote app, and it may just be a great help for those who aren't big fans of doing algebra and trigonometry problems.

Called the 'ink math assistant,' the app allows users to write any mathematical equation on the screen. When highlighted with the lasso feature, users can tap on the math button, and the dreaded math equation will solve itself, almost like magic.


Given that the handwriting is legible enough, the app can recognize elements used in math, convert them to text, and then solve it. The app does not only give you the answers to your mathematical dilemmas, but it also shows you a step-by-step guide on how to solve the problem, to ensure that you can show your solution and actually learn how to do it when you present your homework in class.

Lastly, the app now has an 'Ink Replay' feature, allowing users to see again exactly how their handwriting was processed in OneNote.

The new version of the app is available for Office 365 subscribers using OneNote for Windows 10. Ink Replay will arrive soon to PowerPoint, Word and Excel on Windows desktops.

A word of advice for our student readers: while the feature may indeed be considered as helpful when it comes to learning math, learning how to solve mathematical equations manually from scratch can still go a long way, instead of knowing the answer automatically.

Source: Office Blogs via Techspot

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