Leaked T-Mobile roadmap dates HTC 8X and Dell BMW release

HTC's 8X phones have captured the attention of quite a few people since the company unveiled them in September, with HTC's WP8 offerings going in direct competition with Nokia's Lumia line-up for their slices of the market.

The original announcement suggested that the 8X might be on shelves in early November, though T-Mobile's most recent roadmap seems to indicate a different date. The date given on the roadmap appears to be November 14, but if you've eagle eyes you're welcome to take a look.

As you can make out, there are some other devices listed as well. There's the Huawei Summit; a Android phone other sites suggest has weaker specs than you might like, a possible color refresh for Samsung's Galaxy SII, and the LG Optimus 9 among others.

You can also pick out the "Dell BMW", which could be anything really. With the specific abbreviation there's a good chance of collaboration with the German auto manufacturer, especially due to the cross-promotion of the BMW Mini and Dell Streak in the past.

Whatever the Dell BMW is, the Bavarian company has a reputation for quality so we'd hope it will stretch to whatever Dell product we could see hitting selected shelves.

Source: TMoNews

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