LibreOffice 3.4.3 RC 1

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Support and documentation is free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers. You, too, can also get involved!


Writer is the word processor inside LibreOffice. Use it for everything, from dashing off a quick letter to producing an entire book with tables of contents, embedded illustrations, bibliographies and diagrams. The while-you-type auto-completion, auto-formatting and automatic spelling checking make difficult tasks easy (but are easy to disable if you prefer). Writer is powerful enough to tackle desktop publishing tasks such as creating multi-column newsletters and brochures. The only limit is your imagination.

Calc tames your numbers and helps with difficult decisions when you're weighing the alternatives. Analyze your data with Calc and then use it to present your final output. Charts and analysis tools help bring transparency to your conclusions. A fully-integrated help system makes easier work of entering complex formulas. Add data from external databases such as SQL or Oracle, then sort and filter them to produce statistical analyses. Use the graphing functions to display large number of 2D and 3D graphics from 13 categories, including line, area, bar, pie, X-Y, and net - with the dozens of variations available, you're sure to find one that suits your project.

Impress is the fastest and easiest way to create effective multimedia presentations. Stunning animation and sensational special effects help you convince your audience. Create presentations that look even more professional than the standard presentations you commonly see at work. Get your collegues' and bosses' attention by creating something a little bit different.

Draw lets you build diagrams and sketches from scratch. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not try something simple with box and line diagrams? Or else go further and easily build dynamic 3D illustrations and special effects. It's as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.

Base is the database front-end of the LibreOffice suite. With Base, you can seamlessly integrate into your existing database structures. Based on imported and linked tables and queries from MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access and many other data sources, you can build powerful databases containing forms, reports, views and queries. Full integration is possible with the in-built HSQL database.

Math is a simple equation editor that lets you lay-out and display your mathematical, chemical, electrical or scientific equations quickly in standard written notation. Even the most-complex calculations can be understandable when displayed correctly. E=mc2.

LibreOffice also comes configured with a PDF file creator, meaning you can distribute documents that you're sure can be opened and read by users of almost any computing device or operating system.


# calc
* [PATCH] fix for defining named ranges should be case insensitiv
* allow multi-range copy from VBA.
* better way to remove DP objects without reversing order.
* correctly import from Excel charts with multiple ranges.
* dr78: set app flag in ScGlobal::SetSearchItem
* fix broken refresh() from UNO API (and Basic).
* fix for SetNamedRanges speedup
* fix for changes to range names invalidate stream too
* fix for check for empty local range names
* fix for crash with hidden column in Data->Form
* fix for database ranges don't work in formulas
* fix for don't write password algorithm in odf 1.0 and 1.1
* fix for set correct table number in local db data
* fix for set upper limit for second parameter of tinv to 1E10
* make strings localizable
* make sure the drawing layer is initialized before use.
* prevent double-deletes during removal of pivot tables.
* set selection request as done for macro recorder
* use the correct clip doc instance to copy to.
# components
* related changes in split components repository to support LCID changes
# filters
* change 2007 XML to 2007/2010 XML in UI strings
* change 97/XP/2000 to 97/XP/2000/2003
* related correct import of shared formulas
# help
* remove link to non-existing topic
* update the operation of delete and backspace key
# impress
* clean-up of bugfix for the -3-4 branch
* fix ruler to not generate negative left indent
* make strings localizable
* missing icon in Styles and Formatting dialog in Impress
# libs-core
* add a modification listener on new XDocumentProperties
* clean-up of bugfix for the -3-4 branch
* fix for - no update preview
* fix for change password button is always disabled
* fix memory exhaustion with String length of STRLEN_MAX
* fix wrong RTTI baseclass for SfxViewEventHint
* make these entries localizable
* null the display pointer after closing the display
* on recovery from an autosave file use DefaultFilter
* related changes in split libs-core repository to support LCID changes
* related: /short fread isn't an error when its eof
* resolve: post-stl use vector end position not LIST_APPEND
# libs-extern
* related: force .a files to hidden visibility
# libs-extern-sys
* backport fix
# libs-gui
* add Teke-Eboo language
* add gd_GB (Gaelic, Scottish) locale data
* change 97/XP/2000 to 97/XP/2000/2003
* change SV_BUTTONTEXT_LESS from More to Less
* eMF+ records don't need payload all the time
* fix discarding bracketed prefixes in number formats, such as [RED]
* half&full width forms need to remain asian
# sdk
* wrong csh syntax
# ure
* related: on windows find the openssl libs that _ssl.pyd needs
# writer
* backport fix
* don't crash on undo of ole2 insert
* don't restore original view settings on temp documents
* fExtChar affects only < 8 (if at all)
* fix counting the paragraphs
* it really is a LineBorder not a LineBorder2
* related: crash in new field code Template:I

Download: LibreOffice 3.4.3 RC1 (for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)
Download: Mirror @ Brothersoft
View: LibreOffice Website

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