Limbo gets boxed special edition for PC and Mac

Limbo may have been released first on the Xbox 360, but developer Playdead is giving PC gamers a chance to get a special edition version of its acclaimed 2D platformer title. Playdead announced today that it has now released a special edition boxed version of the game for both PC and Mac owners.

The boxed version of Limbo not only contains DRM-free PC and Mac versions of the game, you also get a Steam code that you can give to a friend. In addition, you get the game's standalone soundtrack, created by Martin Stig Andersen, along with seven original art cards, and a sticker of the game's main character. Finally, in a bit of whimsy, you also get 3D glasses. You won't actually see the game in 3D if you wear them, but you will get a little more color added to Limbo's light black and dark black shades.

The Limbo special edition is $24.99 and can be purchased now at and other online retailers. Playdead is already working on yet another dark 2D platformer title but it has indicated that it will be taking its time and it won't be released until sometime in 2014.

Source: Limbo website

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