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Logitech Play Link wireless extension

Logitech today eliminated a major nuisance for online gamers: connecting a gaming system to an inconveniently located broadband Internet connection. The new Logitech Play Link wireless extension offers one-step wireless. Consumers just plug it in and play online games on their PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC game networks, even if their Internet connection is on the other side of the house.

With the Logitech Play Link wireless extension, there is no need for expensive, complicated wireless networks, no software to configure, and no drilling through walls or running cables under carpets. Instead, the Play Link wireless extension consists of two small wireless transceiver boxes. One plugs into the Ethernet port of an Internet router or modem and the other plugs into a game console, PC or other device - instantly providing a wireless broadband connection.

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News source: Logitech Press Release

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