Love For All XP Screens After a Freaky Friday

Well its nearly Saint Valentine's Day again. [Feb 14th in case you forgot lads -Ed] That time of year men rush to the 24 hour supermarket on [Friday] Feb 13th for that last minute bunch of flowers or customary Valentines card to prove there undying love for their "significant other". Of course being Friday 13th its all bound to go wrong. Picture the scene; late at night flash floods and heavy rain continues to lash at Wales and south of UK. You've already been to 5 late night shops desperate to get any item off the shelf that could pass as a token of your love for your partner.

When you notice its just past midnight and all around you are windows powered devices flickering to life with a valentines day message. Suddenly the ATM's displays the Saint Valentine's Day Screensaver, cash tills refuse to accept plastic but want love as payment instead. As this is happening your smart phone beeps at you, you look to see another loving message. Your Smart Watch Finally reminds you that you need to get a valentines present....

...dont worry you will survive the Friday, but when Saturday comes a lot of blokes may get more than they bargain for, your girlfriend noticed before you did and now you see "Marry Me" on your XP computer screen...The Valentine's Day Screensaver is free for download from Microsoft, as usual its "optimised" for Microsoft Windows XP" but also works with 2000 SP3/4.

Download: Saint Valentine's Day Screensaver

Screenshot: Valentine screensaver at work

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