Lumia 900 now on sale in the UK with Tango update

After a successful launch in North America, Nokia is finally releasing its Windows Phone-powered Lumia 900 in the UK. The Inquirer reports that UK retailer Phones4u has started selling the smartphone today, a few days earlier than expected. Only the white version is on sale today but the black and cyan versions are expected to be on sale on Friday.

SlashGear reports that the UK version of the Lumia 900 also has the newest Windows Phone update, which includes the "Tango" features. There's no word on when "Tango" will be released for other previously released Windows Phone devices.

Another interesting thing about the UK Lumia 900 is that the Windows Phone Marketplace logo now has an "n" inside the bag, as reported by In addition, the list of Nokia exclusive Windows Phone apps is now being called the Nokia Market on the phone, rather than the Nokia Collection. This would seem to show that Nokia has worked with Microsoft to push the Nokia brand more on the Lumia 900 in the UK.

We should soon see if UK residents will warm up to the Lumia 900 like they have in the US. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has admitted that previous members of the Lumia family have met with mixed sales results in the UK.

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