Mark Cuban drops iPhone 5 in favor of Windows Phone 8, says it kicks ass

Mark Cuban, the outspoken billionaire who is on Shark Tank, owns the Dallas Mavericks and is a renowned entrepreneur, says that he recently has dropped the iPhone 5 in favor of Windows Phone in an AMA on Reddit. Despite dropping the iPhone, Cuban is till a fan of Apple products including the Macbook Air and the iPad but also stated that Windows Phone 8 (and Android) kick the iPhones ass.

While we do not know the sales of Windows Phone 8 at this stage in the game, the organic backing of Mark Cuban will certainly be a welcomed face to the Windows Phone fanclub. Cuban was asked during the Reddit AMA what technology he uses and we have posted his response below.

It's clear by his statements that he thinks both Android and Windows Phone are far better than the iPhone 5. Seeing as thousands (if not more) look to Cuban's direction after his financial success, this is a significant win for Microsoft and Nokia.

While Cuban does not state which phone he is using, we would hedge that it is the Lumia 920 and his statement also highlights the Samsung Galaxy S3 too.

For Microsoft and Nokia, they should be thrilled to hear the news as Cuban has considerable clout in the market-space and seeing that thousands will read this AMA, they just got a huge brand endorsement for a product that is pivotal to both companies future.

Source: Reddit

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