Master PDF Editor 5.0 is out: this is a major update

Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor is straightforward, easy to use application for working with PDF documents equipped with powerful multi-purpose functionality. With Master PDF Editor you can easily view, create and modify PDF documents. The application enables you to merge several files into one, split a source document into multiple documents, and also to comment, sign and encrypt PDF files.

Master PDF Editor – Features at a glance:

  • Edit PDF text, images and pages with full editing features.
  • Create new PDF or edit existing ones.
  • Add and/or edit bookmarks in PDF files.
  • Encrypt and/or protect PDF files using 128 bit encryption.
  • Convert XPS files into PDF.
  • Add PDF controls (like buttons, checkboxes, lists, etc.) into your PDFs.
  • Import/export PDF pages into common graphical formats including BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.
  • Split and merge PDF files.
  • JavaScript support.
  • Dynamic XFA form support.
  • Validation Forms and Calculate Values.
  • Fast and simple PDF forms fill out.
  • Signing PDF documents with digital signature, signatures creation and validation.
  • Changing font attributes (size, family, color etc).

v5.0.02 new features:

  • Implemented redaction of sensitive information functionality.
  • Implemented initials creation and insertion for PDF documents.
  • Added alternative rendering method for PDF documents. It is distinctly faster and automatically turned on for HiDPI screens.
  • Added option: reduce RAM usage or increase render speed.
  • Implemented direct FDF file opening without the need to open PDF file and import FDF.
  • Implemented layers functionality (Read only currently. Editing will be added in further releases).
  • Added drag-and-drop pages functionality, which works between different Master PDF Editor instances.
  • Added possibility to open multipage TIFF files. When opened, TIFF files are automatically converted to PDF document.
  • Added possibility to edit raster images in external application.
  • Added new Insert Pages dialog. Now it is possible to insert pages from multiple files and image files.
  • Added possibility to specify move to action by a button or a link with visual selection of the target position using scroll, mouse and zoom.
  • Added default size setting for Sticky note comments.
  • Added possibility to edit vector image by vertices.
  • Added line width and opacity for Grid settings.
  • Added option to save last used tool.
  • Added Locked parameter for comments.
  • Implemented reply functionality for comments.
  • Added status setting for comments.
  • Implemented possibility to view comments by type, author and state.
  • Implemented Previous and Next view functions.
  • Added functions to move object forward or backward one position.
  • Added Edit raster images tool.
  • Added Edit vector images tool.
  • Added certificate settings.
  • Added certificate manager for Linux.
  • Implemented full UTF8 support for PDF forms.
  • Extended available information on certificates when viewing.
  • Implemented PDF encryption and decryption with certificates.
  • Altered check for trusted certificates in Linux. Now trusted certificate is a certificate with opened key in stored in system certificates or imported during certificate check.
  • Added extract all images function to export all raster images into folder.

Improved following:

  • Improved work with stamps, added user home dir where the stamps are loaded from. Implemented loading stamps from multiple pages of PDF template.
  • Improved vector images selection.
  • Extended information on status bar.
  • Improved text selection.
  • Significantly improved text search in the document.
  • Improved algorithm of signature validation in Linux.
  • Improved work with bookmarks, multiple bookmarks selection and work with them (For example, remove a list or move it or select all bookmarks and remove).
  • Proportional image scaling when creating digital signature.
  • Now possible to set margin by four positions (top, left, right, bottom) in Page size. These values can be negative now.
  • Added Remove pages after export option.


  • Fixed issue with images export.
  • Fixed issue with images insertion to PDF. Now image size is set according to DPI.
  • Sticky note comment can’t be rotated now, as it should be according to PDF specs.
  • When copying text objects the font is not copied (if present) thus not increasing file size.
  • Fixed issues of Save Optimized As function
  • Fixed issues with export to TIFF.
  • Fixed issue with bookmark actions settings.
  • Fixed issues with export to FDF format.
  • Fixed issues with headers and footers.
  • Fixed some issues which led to crashes.
  • Fixed issues with rendering of particular files.
  • Fixed issues with reading of certificate properties.
  • Fixed numerous other issues.

Version 5.0.03 changes:

  • Fixed several different issues.

Download: Master PDF Editor 5.0.03 | 29.5 MB (Shareware)
Download: Master PDF Editor for Linux | 66.8 MB
Download: Master PDF Editor for macOS | 26.9 MB
View: Master PDF Editor Home Page

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