Matrox set to launch Parthelia

According to our sources close to Matrox, the company should introduce its Parthelia cards as soon as tomorrow. There are still very little details available but there are some samples knocking about and some of our industry friends have seen these already.

Still, from Matrox UK representatives we heard that still there are no samples for the UK, which is where we in Bosnia belong, by some strange quirk of mathematics.

Anyhow, we heard that the Parhelia 512 will easily outperform Geforce 4 Ti 4600 and Parthelia will become the first to dethrone Nvidia from the pinnacle of the graphics card performance tables. If it's true, of course.

"Of course the Parhelia 512 is going to be faster than TI 4600," we were told, so why should we doubt them.

For their part, Nvidia do not seem to be worried about this card, suggesting it's not going to be as good a performer as some people claim. Nvidians do not expect it to be faster than a TI 4600

News source: The Inquirer

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