Microsoft: $23.38 billion in revenue, $6.48 billion in operating income for fiscal Q4 2014

Microsoft has announced that for the second calendar quarter of 2014 (which is considered the fourth quarter of 2014 in Microsoft's fiscal year) the company generated $23.38 billion in revenues, along with $6.48 billion in operating income.

For the quarter, OEM revenue grew by 3% and Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers climbed to a healthy 5.6 million subscribers; they added 1 million subscribers in the most recent quarter.

The recently acquired phone hardware unit from Nokia added 1.99 billion of revenue to the bottom line from the sales of 5.8 million Lumia Smartphones, and 30.3 million non-Lumia phones. 

Bing also saw a strong quarter as well, with Microsoft saying the revenue grew by 40% and the company now saying that the serve up 19.2% of the searches performed on the web. That means that roughly 1 in 5 searches now uses Bing technology. 

The commercial cloud side of Microsoft saw massive growth with an annualized rate of 147% that exceeds $4.4 billion. And, not so surprisingly, Windows volume license grew by 11%, likely thanks to the boost of sales as Windows XP has been put to bed.

On the Surface side of the balance sheet, that division brought in $409 million which Microsoft attributes to the Surface 2 and Pro 2 devices. Of course, the Pro 3 did launch in this quarter, but it was until the last few days of the month that the device became available at retail outlets.

The Xbox figures are a bit more ambiguous this quarter with Microsoft saying that they sold 1.1 million consoles. While they say this is an improvement over last year, where they sold 1 million during this time period, the Xbox One was not on sale. The company did not break down the figures of the Xbox One vs Xbox 360 which is likely not a good sign.

It is worth pointing out that net income did drop for this quarter compared to a year ago. This year, Microsoft brought in 4.612 billion in Net Income on $23.382 billion in revenue whereas last year they brought in $4.965 billion on $19.896 billion in revenue. This means that their operating margin has shrunk but revenues have continued to climb.

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