A behind the scenes look at how Microsoft prototypes a Surface

When Microsoft started building the Surface RT a few years ago, it was a ground up project. This means that everything was new for the company and for the staff; it was a tremendous learning experience. But now, seeing that the company is on its third iteration of the Surface, their design shop is fully staffed and filled with machines that allow for rapid prototyping.

The tour includes milling machines, old and new, and as you would expect, a variety of materials that the company has used to build prototypes. The video also shines a little light on to how the company tests out new features, like the hinge on the Pro 3. As shown in the video, they build a much larger version of the hinge to see how well it would translate from paper to production. 

If you have an interest in the Surface or are generally curious about how Microsoft builds its hardware, the video is a good overview of this process. Unfortunately, nothing about the company's future plans are shown but that's to be expected.

Later today, Microsoft will announce its earnings for the company's Q4 which ended on June 30th and we also expect the company's CEO Satya Nadella to provide an update on the Nokia integration too.

Source: Bloomberg | Thanks for all the tips on the video!


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