Microsoft acquiring Canesta, maker of motion sensing technology

It would seem that Microsoft has decided to go full steam ahead in the motion sensing world. Canesta, a company that creates gesture control devices, has announced on their corporate website that they will be acquired by Microsoft. 

Canesta CEO and president Jim Spare had this to say about their deal with Microsoft:

This is very exciting news for the industry. There is little question that within the next decade we will see natural user interfaces become common for input across all devices. With Microsoft’s breadth of scope from enterprise to consumer products, market presence, and commitment to NUI, we are confident that our technology will see wide adoption across many applications that embody the full potential of the technology.

Canesta's motion sensing technology has been featured in Playstation's EyeToy and they signed an agreement with Hitachi last year to incorporate the technology into TVs as demonstrated in the video below. 

With the Kinect just a few days away from being released, Microsoft is already looking to improve in the area of motion detection. This is a pretty bold move on Microsoft's part, and even though pre-orders for the Kinect have sold out at places like Best Buy and Amazon, there is no indicator if the device will succeed once it gets into the hands of the users. It will be up to Microsoft to encourage game developers to make quality games that take advantage of motion sensing technology. Otherwise, there will be little interest in the technology. 

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