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Microsoft finally issues fix for 'No Bootable Device' error on Surface Go and Go 2

The original Surface Go

Earlier this year, Microsoft released a firmware update that bricked the first and second-gen Surface Go, resulting in a "No Bootable Device" error. Shortly afterward, Microsoft rushed another release to prevent the issue from spreading. Unfortunately, it took quite a while for the company to ship a fix for the affected devices. Those owning the Surface Go and Go 2 can finally revive their devices hit by the error.

Microsoft has released a fresh firmware update for the first-gen Surface Go with a single fix for the bug bricking the tiny tablet. Of course, you cannot update a computer if it does not turn off, so Microsoft has prepared a guide showing how to bring back to life the Surface Go and Surface Go 2. You can check out detailed instructions on the official Microsoft Support website.

It is worth noting that the "No Bootable Device" error was happening only on entry-level configurations with the eMMC storage. Users with more expensive variants of the Surface Go and Go 2 should not bother with applying any emergency fixes if their devices continue operating normally.

Here are other Surface devices Microsoft updated this month with new firmware:

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