Microsoft hires creator of popular Windows Phone ads

Windows Phone hasn’t yet gained much traction in the smartphone space, with one recent estimate suggesting that there may be fewer than five million WP7 handsets in the hands of consumers. One of the most frequent reasons postulated for this is the lacklustre marketing employed by Microsoft to promote the new smartphone platform.

Although its multinational ‘Really?’ advertising campaign was well-received, many believed that these ads didn’t go far enough in showcasing the features and capabilities of the OS and handsets, so when Windows Phone fan Brandon Foy put together his own concept video for how the platform should be promoted, it got a lot of people very excited.

Brandon was famously recognised for his efforts at MIX11, when Microsoft invited him to put together a special intro video for the event, and promised that, if that video amassed 200,000 views on YouTube, the company would use his work as part of a nationwide television commercial.

Sadly, that target was never reached (currently standing at over 108,000 views), but it wasn’t all bad news for him in the end. In a tweet from the man himself, spotted by, it emerged that Microsoft has just hired the young graphic designer to join them as a UX designer.

While this is a great development for Brandon, the happy ending for Windows Phone is still yet to come, of course – but his creative influences may yet boost Microsoft’s efforts to promote the platform, and make that ‘happy-ever-after’ come a bit sooner.

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