Microsoft is testing Cortana for cars

cConcept shown at BUILD 2014

It's no secret that Microsoft is extremely proud of Cortana. The intelligent personal assistant made its debut a little over a year ago in Windows Phone 8.1, and has since expanded to Windows 10 and Android, with further plans for a launch on iOS, and integration into Cyanogen OS. And if that's not enough, it seems that Cortana could be coming soon to your vehicle.

According to Taipei Times, Microsoft is teaming up with Taiwanese companies to work on connected cars, and a prototype vehicle that utilizes Cortana has already been built. While details of how Cortana interacts with the car weren't unveiled, the prototype does implement a HUD (heads-up display) system - displaying information such as navigation directions.

Naturally, this project is still in its early stages with no mention of which automakers will be officially partnering with Microsoft. The project may be a new iteration of Microsoft's Windows car concept shown off at BUILD 2014. While Apple and Google have their own vehicular infotainment platforms, Microsoft has yet to officially throw its hat into the ring.

Source: Taipei Times via Windows Central

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