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Windows 10 Start menu can't handle more than 512 items

On paper, Windows 10 is unquestionably Microsoft's greatest operating system ever, with an astonishing array of new features and improvements. And in practice, there's a great deal to like about the new OS too - but it's still far from perfect.

Microsoft has been pushing out regular patches to fix bugs in Windows 10 since its launch, but one unusual bug has been highlighted by our former Neowin colleague, Brad Sams, now over at Petri.

Brad pointed out that the Start menu in Windows 10 - probably the most obvious new component of the OS - has a rather curious limitation: it seems it can't handle more than 512 items. That's not 512 applications, by the way - that's 512 items in total, including apps, folders, files and shortcuts.

Beyond that number, he found that the Start menu's performance became somewhat haphazard, with extended loading times and lag, missing apps and links, and multiple crashes. The only way to resolve the issue is to bring the total number of items on the menu back down below 512.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, and says it is working on a fix, although it's not yet offered any indication of when it might arrive.

Source: Petri

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