Microsoft isn't selling the Band 2 anymore - but you can still buy one

Earlier this month, Microsoft stopped selling the Band 2, amid reports that it had disbanded its hardware development team, with no plans for a successor to the wearable device. That doesn't bode well for the prospects of any major improvements to the Band 2 in the future, but if you've still got your heart set on buying one, you can.

Even though Microsoft itself is no longer selling the device, other retailers are continuing to offer it, albeit only while their remaining stocks last.

In the US, for example, Best Buy is selling the Band 2 for $199.99, although only the small model is available there. Amazon is also offering the small Band 2 for the higher price of $226.95 - not far off the $249.99 price at which the device launched last year. The medium-sized model is listed at around $200, but the large version is only available from third-party Amazon Marketplace sellers.

Amazon is also selling all three sizes in the UK for around £199 - that's full price, despite the device nearing the end of its retail life. If you shop around, you may well find the Band 2 available from other retailers at lower prices.

Of course, given the uncertain future for the Band 2, it's tough to recommend buying one - especially at full price - but if you really, really want one, there are still options available for you to do so.

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