Microsoft joins the SciKit-learn consortium as a platinum member

Microsoft is heavily invested in artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle problems faced by people nowadays. These include stopping malware attacks before they happen, improving marketing efforts in Bing, and releasing tools in Unity in order to make it easier for developers to train machine learning models.

To that end, the company has now joined the SciKit-learn consortium in an effort to make AI accessible to all.

SciKit-learn is an extremely popular library utilized in developing AI models in Python. The SciKit-learn consortium, founded in 2018 by a French institution Inria, aims to "foster the development of scikit-learn and support the community that builds it". Microsoft's has been inducted into the association as a platinum member, and the organization also includes Intel and Nvidia as gold sponsors.

The Redmond giant says that it will continue to support major contributors to the project and will promote building innovative AI solutions. Furthermore, the company also releases tools so that developers can utilize SciKit-learn, and also has support for the library in Azure Machine Learning. Microsoft has stated that:

At Microsoft we believe bringing AI advances to all developers, on any platform, using any language, in an open and interoperable AI ecosystem, will help ensure AI is more accessible and valuable to all. We are excited to be part of the SciKit-learn consortium and supporting a fantastic community of SciKit-learn developers and users.

You can find out more about the SciKit-learn consortium here.

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