Microsoft Lync mobile clients close to release

Microsoft is apparently only a few days away from launching its previously announced mobile clients for its Microsoft Lync enterprise communications tool. reports that a source in Italy reported that he heard at a Lync-only event that the Windows Phone version of Microsoft Lync will be available to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace on December 12. Microsoft has yet to confirm that launch date.

Microsoft has already said it has plans to release mobile versions for Microsoft Lync before the end of the year. It showed off the Lync Mobile client for Windows Phone at a tech conference in New Zealand back in August. At the time Microsoft said that the application would be released for Apple's Phone and iPad devices, along with Android and Symbian operating systems.

As mentioned, Lync is designed to be a software program that offers businesses and enterprise customers a number of instant messaging, VOIP and conferencing features. The service is supposed to offer businesses more features than Skype, Microsoft's newly acquired VOIP messaging service that's geared more for consumers.

For those of you that are wondering what differences there will be in the various Lync Mobile versions, Netherlands consultant Sebastiaan Poels has created a comparison chart showing which features are supported on which operation system. Based on looking at the chart, it looks like Android users get the short end of the stick as that version is missing several features that will be a part of the other mobile clients.

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