Microsoft: Malware may cause BSOD patch issue

Microsoft officials issued a status update on Friday for the BSOD patch issue affecting a limited amount of users.

Jerry Bryant, Sr. Security Communcations Manager at Microsoft, confirmed the company was continuing their investigations into the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) issues related to Windows Patch MS10-015. "We have determined that malware on the system can cause the behavior" stated Bryant. He added that the software giant was not yet ruling out "other potential causes" at present and that company officials are still investigating the root cause.

Microsoft said on Thursday it was investigating numerous reports on Microsoft’s help forums by users who were complaining that after a recent update, MS10-015, they were receiving a BSOD. Microsoft Answers, is filled with many users who are angry at the company for what they believe the update did to their machine. Microsoft stopped offering the patch via Windows Update on Thursday claiming it was removed as soon as the issues were discovered.

The patch in question, MS10-015, one of 13 security updates Microsoft issued Tuesday, fixed a 17-year-old kernel bug in all 32-bit versions of Windows. The vulnerability went public three weeks ago when a Google engineer disclosed the bug and posted proof-of-concept attack code.As Neowin had previously reported, Microsoft said it would fix a 17 year old bug that was discovered by the Google engineer.  The bug, patched in this update, is related to the Virtual Dos Machine (VDM) which is used to support 16-bit applications.

Microsoft officials say the issue is difficult to solve once a computer is in an un-bootable state. Microsoft advises customers who feel they have been impacted by the issue to contact the Customer Service and Support group.

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