Microsoft puts Xbox One in a shark tank, frikin' lasers not included

Call it a cheesy marketing stunt (because it is), but Microsoft has put an Xbox One inside a shark tank in New Zealand to help promote the launch of the upcoming console. Because of New Zealand’s location, it will be the first place on the planet to have the console go on sale and reportedly, the console in the shark tank will be the first one given out.

Now, we aren’t sure how happy we would be if our new console was sitting in massive tank filled with sharks and, more importantly, thousands of gallons of electronic-killing water, but we suspect this console will likely be given away to the first person in line. Besides, who wants a console that has already been opened (if you are paying for it, that is), as part of the fun is ripping open the box to behold the treasures inside.

The console can be viewed if you go to Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auckland where the console will reside until Nov. 22, when the Xbox One goes on sale.

While it is a cheesy marketing stunt, the promotion has gained attention around the world which, in our book, makes it a huge success.

Source: IGN

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