Microsoft shows off "any surface" touch screen in video

In October, Microsoft first talked about its "any surface" touch screen technology that it was creating in its Microsoft Research division. While the technology, called OmniTouch, is still in its infancy, Microsoft has now launched a new video that shows the touch screen projector in action. It also uses a version of Microsoft's Kinect motion gesture device.

In the video, Microsoft's Hrvoje Benko shows how the projector puts up a smartphone-like user interface on a wall which can be activated simply by touching the wall. It replicates familiar smartphone touch screen actions such as sliding to unlock, dialing a phone number and more.

The video also shows that the projector can create a touch screen image that adapts to a smaller surface. In this case, an image is cast on a small notebook which is then used to "draw" on the paper. It is also used to project a map which can be zoomed in and out of by the normal pinching of the fingers.

The OmniTouch technology is being shown as part of TechFest. The event is showcasing other projects from Microsoft Research offices from around the world this week at Microsoft's main headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

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