Microsoft shows off what you can do with Windows Phone 8.1 (and how!)

Windows Phone 8.1 is a massive improvement over its predecessor in just about every way. It’s crammed full of enhancements over WP8, along with scores of new features that fill in many of the gaps that were missing for too long in earlier versions of the OS. It’s not quite perfect yet, but it does, for the first time, feel like a much more complete offering alongside its rivals.

The first devices designed for Windows Phone 8.1 are now on sale, and the updated OS is starting to roll out to earlier handsets around the world too. Millions of users will soon have it in their hands, but many will be unaware of its impressive new capabilities, at least at first.

To help users to get to grips with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has put together a handy guide highlighting some of the best features that the update brings. The URL refers to it as an ‘emulator’, but this is a bit wide of the mark; it combines a list of features with simple, easy-to-follow demos that show you exactly how you can perform functions and tasks to get the most out of your handset.

The guide covers all of the essentials – from something as basic as making a call or learning about the Start screen, to introducing the Action Center and how Cortana can make life that little bit easier for you.

The site was spotted by the folks over at Coolsmartphone this weekend, although it’s not exactly clear how new it is. Nonetheless, whether it's brand new or a few weeks old, it’s a very handy introduction to some of what’s on offer in the OS, and a neat way for users to learn how to take advantage of these features.

Don’t forget to check out our own detailed review of Windows Phone 8.1 as well! 

Source: Microsoft via Coolsmartphone

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