Microsoft Speaks Out, sort of...

Thanks mattking who has posted in our forums what he claims to be feedback from Microsoft insiders and/or those in the know, judging by the content and what I've read around the net recently I have no reason to doubt these claims, so for your viewing pleasure: Microsoft speaks out, via via....

I thought I would just update you about a few things some people who know MS employees have told me.

  1. Longhorn IS a client only release and will be the next major version of Windows.
  2. According to information provided there will not be a Windows XP Second Edition or any other derivative / similar product.
  3. Longhorn will introduce many new technologies and support for more existing ones.
  4. Some have suggested it is has been completely redesigned using the .NET Framework as a basis although this rumor is not factual as yet so do not hold me to it! The suggestion for this is that it would create a far more secure and bug free operating system which is MS's main aim with future deployments.
  5. It is still uncertain as to the finals of Longhorn (after all we are only in basic alpha testing!) Thus things may change. For a full detail on the alpha visit
  6. UPDATE: The XP Second Edition theory may be existent but not a "new" operating system like 98, likely a very large service pack one guy suggested to me about the size of a CD (Rumour). This is very much indispute and from what I can tell this discussion is still on the MS tables.


  7. Blackcomb is the codename for the next server release of Windows and will be the most secure and feature driven server ever.
  8. Not much is known as yet as the focus is on the imminent release of Windows .NET Server 2003, look at that for a basis of what is to come.
Well that smashes my theory of a Windows XP Second Edition, but I'm still holding out for a Oct 2003 release.

News source: In house

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