Microsoft to release just five security bulletins Tuesday

If you use any version of Windows, you might know that June 11th will be a day to watch out for. It's when Microsoft issues its regular monthly security software updates, also known as Patch Tuesday. Today, in advance of the event, Microsoft revealed there will be just five security bulletins issued as part of the event, far less than the 10 bulletins released in May.

The advance notice for the security bulletins, as posted on Microsoft's website, still don't go into detail on the specifics behind these updates so as to not alert hackers beforehand. Microsoft will offer more info on what these patches contain on Tuesday after they are released. but will release that information after the patches are launched on Tuesday.

Just one of the five bulletins is considered to be critical. The patch will affect nearly all of Microsoft's currently supported versions of Internet Explorer, tied into most versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and RT. The other four bulletins are labeled as Important and affect many versions of Windows as well as Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft usually releases new firmware updates for its Surface family of hardware products as part of Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has already announced plans to add new commands to the Touch and Type Cover keyboard buttons as part of the software update.

Source: Microsoft

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